Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

The goth club in Portland

Walking into the Flux in Portland was quite a shock because there was no one at the door! And not just because there is no cover charge...ever. But because no one checks your ID. There is a sign reminding you that you should be 21 to enter or if you are under 21 you must be accompanied by a spouse of legal age. But that's just about it. You're pretty much on the honor system in Portland.

To add to the shock there is a cigarette machine right at the entrance. Good lord if you are 17 and don't care about breaking the law and you want have a kick-ass good time on Saturday night you can head over to the Flux and buy some cigarettes and dance to goth music and drink...I guess. I don't understand why the liquor board in our state is so tough that they even dictate what kind of dancing you can do (I've been asked before not to dance suggestively with other women because of this) and what you can wear and how you can behave where as in other states (like Oregon) they are so relaxed about enforcement.

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