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socks and cat

Another no-show stripper

Two private lesson no-shows today. Well, technically the first one wasn't so much a no-show. The first one is a pair of girls at level 3 and they split the $75 per hours cost of their private lessons. They sign contracts agreeing to forfeit their $25 deposit if they give less then 48 hours notice of cancellation. One of them e-mailed me about 16 hours before her lesson to say her job is making her come into work. When the other of the two showed up, I had to explain the situation to her. I said you can either pay the full $75 on your own and do the private lesson on your own, or you can leave and forfeit your $25 deposit. When she started to lean toward forfeiting her deposit, I encouraged her. I already had another lesson planned for after hers, so it wasn't like I would go without income today.

But then the lesson after hers was a complete no-show. I should have guessed, because she's a stripper. In the history of the business, every stripper that has ever booked private lessons with me has no-showed without notice at least once. Every...single...stripper. It got to the point where I promised myself I would charge dancers for the whole lesson in advance, rather than just a $25 deposit. But I couldn't bring myself to do that, to treat them differently just because they are strippers. So I only charged her the $25 deposit. Thanks to that mistake, I lost money. I'm out a total of $150 today. Well, $100 since I keep two deposits.

I feel mistreated because I have been so respectful of strippers in THEIR place of work. I always tip, I buy lap dances, and when I bring other women in for club tours I teach them to tip and encourage them to buy lap dances. I make sure to only do tours once ever 3 months so my ladies don't take up valuable seats of men who might buy more dances than we do. I don't talk about the dancers in front of them when they are on stage and I work to educated everyday women about what they go through and the service they provide. And while my LJ dancer friends and in person dancer friends have been respectful of me, all my dancer clients have not. I've worked hard to be respectful to them in their place of work and I wish they would give me the same courtesy in my place of work.


Man, that sucks.

When I was a stripper I always made every effort to show up because of the "flaky stripper" stereotype. On the other hand, I admit that is very easy to become flaky precisely because no one expects much else from you.

(I'm not saying you brought this on yourself. More like the girls have no real reason to pull themselves together, so they let inertia take over.)
I totally agree with the other two comments here on this...I find mysel becoming flaky sometimes...well more when I am a dancer than not. Not sure why either. Maybe because when your a stripper you really only have to commit to a small amount of time to work, so everything else is play time and not taken as seriously. lol. Not sure.

But I try to overcome that stereotype everyday! I don't want to be a flaky, drug addicted, single mother dating some abusive man who steals my money. lol.