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socks and cat


The cruise I took last year is on sale, just $599 for an inside cabin (no windows). I think that's less than half what I paid for it last year - although I was paying quite a bit extra for the theology seminars to be included in my cruise. Oh yeah, and free parking on the pier included with this new sale price. Prices go up from there if you want an outside cabin with a private deck.

Damn. So tempted to take the same cruise again. But that wouldn't be very adventurous.


I would of course see if there were any other places that I wanted to go before trying it again.

I think it could potentially be totally awesome again, even if you've been before.
I don't know if you did this the last time, but I would try taking peeps with me, that way the adventure changes.
I would sooo go!!! but this year is Egypt/Rome, and Burning Man...that's about all I am going to have the energy for planning this time around. Someday I will do that Alaska Cruise though!! it's on my list!