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Can a non-Christian get away with wearing a cross?

Is it tacky to wear a religious symbol for a religion to which you do not subscribe or endorse? I was shopping at Target today for necessities and fell in love with the cross below because of the pretty bling (I don't know why the scan came out partly blurry):

I wouldn't wear this on the street or as every day wear. I'm just way too Buddhist/Hindu/Sufi/Pagan/Taoist/etc. to promote a religion that implies worship of one individual or the idea of "evil" or guilt. I respect my friends that choose this religion, but it's definitely not for me. But I did fall in love with the cross. My thinking was that crosses are generally also gothic symbols and I would wear it only to goth clubs. But if I wore this to a goth club, would you mistake me for a Christian?


If you wore it to a goth club I would not mistake you for a Christian. I personally love crosses and don't believe the represent Christianity. They have been used far longer that Christianity has existed. The cross has been worn throughout recorded history as a universal symbol representing communication between heaven and earth. There is quite a historical background about crosses that would support you wearing it.

I have crosses all over my walls and I wear them when I feel like it. I just got a gorgeous black beaded chain and cross that reminds me of a rosary and I wear it to school.
As with most christian symbols, it is also very much a pagan symbol. The cross was a symbol of pagan sun gods (among other things) long before christianity was founded. (I'm not saying it isn't a christian symbol, just that it is also a pagan symbol)

Just google for "pagan cross" and you'll find plenty of material showing the origins of the cross symbol in paganism.
I was going to make the same comment. Many "Christian" symbols were really pagan symbols that the church adopted. I think it's beautiful and you should wear it.

Symbols only have meaning if you assign meaning to them.
But if you wore it to a goth club, I'm going to guess that someone might mistake you for a Christian. Many people are going to think that's Christian jewelry, but many Christians think wearing a cross is a sin, too, so it's just a symbol, a materialistic thing.
The cross was around a LONG time before Christ was crucified.

I have a large number of crosses in my jewelry collection, and I'm not Christian.

Just seeing someone wear one doesn't automatically make me think that person is a Christian. I also have yin-yang jewelry, and carved Asian discs, and a world of other lovely pieces of jewelry, that don't strike me as true religious symbols, and seeing someone wear them doesn't make me assume anything about them either.

Now, if it were a true crucifix, that'd be a different story.
I have a small collection of crosses that I only wear when stripping. (It's my ironic nod to sacred whoredom). Madonna made her early career wearing crosses and I know that no one mistook her for Christian. Wear it happily, I say.