Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage


I remember the days when poor Portland had almost no goth club scene and we here in Seattle had tons of goth and industrial clubs to choose from every Friday and Saturday night. I believe it has officially done a complete turn around. There are slim pickin's for Seattle goth folk and Portland keeps advertising all these great themed and costumed goth club events.

Last night I was supposed to join a group that wanted to celebrate at Noc Noc. But of course Noc Noc is no longer goth on Saturday nights. So the group high tails it over to the Vogue. Only the Vogue is not there. Instead, it's some awful disco night or something. The group has absolutely no choice but to try and figure out a way to get almost 20 non-members into the only goth club open that night...that is members only. A club in which everyone can expect to leave stinking like smoke, with their eyes and lungs burning (because they allow smoking).

When these are the only choices in this town on a Saturday night, I'd say our goth club scene is near dead. There are still parties and events to attend. And I still had fun clubbing on Thursday night and Friday night. But if you want to get dressed up in your goth finest and go clubbing on a Saturday night, some nights you will just be out of luck.

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