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Meushi Eyes


Which one of you evil bastards posted a link to www.pyramidcollection.com on your LJ? I can't remember who it was. I only know I was reading my friends list one minute and clicked on that link the next. The next thing I know, I'm in the evil den of irresistible shopping.

One of my favorite items was these flesh colored tattoo leggings that make it look like your legs are tattooed. In a dark club, they would look totally real. I might have to break down and get them:

I am also loving the garnet and onyx ring:

And I don't think there is anywhere else on earth you can get an entire Ren Faire wardrobe for only $140. I have no such wardrobe (but at the moment, no such faire either):


I posted a link a month or two ago, when I was preparing an Amazon wish list. I *adore* their products.
I love the pyramid collection! They have some nice men's wear too!
that's at the top of my bookmarks I love their stuff
Pyramid cataloge is awsome, and I've been ordering from them for ever. Actually, you can get an outfit for less than $140. That would involve being at one, buying just the bodice and chemies there (I pick up great stuff at the one in Texas, but that puts you up over $140 ;-), and getting skirts at thrift store.
Yep, I'm a pyramid lover. I mentally spend way too much money there every month.
I've spent obscene amounts of cash there. eeeeek!