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rhinestone lips

Haven't had one in 2 months

When you teach in bare feet (or stripper shoes that highlight your bare feet) and your clients see your toes every day, having pretty pedicured toes is not a luxury...it's like showing up to work every day in nice professional work shoes. So in spite of the slushy snow, I have got to get out and get a pedicure today. The new session started yesterday and it's time to look professional and presentable again.

Of course once you have a pedicure, you have to drive home in thong sandals to keep from messing it up. So I'll be trudging through the ice and sludge in sandals. But it's worth it.


lol. I know what you mean!! some people never "got it", but I had to do the nails and feet. It was not a choice to let it slip...now though, I kep up with the nails, but my feet are looking a little sad with chipped paint...but I don't wear open toe shoes anymore :(

in fact, I don't even work anymore :(