Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

You know you've shopped too much when...

You know your shopping spree is a little out of control when half way through it, your bank puts a freeze on your debit card. My bank has never seen me spend that much in one day, and certainly not out of state. No wonder they thought my card was stolen.

I have more than enough sexy things to wear to the clubs now, to last me the rest of my freakin' goth clubbing life. I don't even know where I'll wear most of it. I got word that Noc Noc has ended it's Saturday night music venue, and the new music doesn't seem to appeal to the gothy sort. So goths are too scared of 80's New Wave and 70's music to visit Noc Noc on Saturday nights now. We still have goth nights at Noc Noc on Sunday nights. But no one dresses up for that. A few dresses here and there, but certainly not the sexy Saturday night skin baring outfits that fit right in on Saturdays. And I recently saw pics on line of "Confessional" night at the Vogue. No dressing up at the Vogue either. Even the gothy sort were wearing boring, everyday clothes that you might see at a party or a goth picnic even. I don't know when the heck the SeaGoth scene went from sexy to boring. But I miss the eye candy and I'm going to miss having somewhere to wear little PVC outfits. What the hell Seattle?

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