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Pole Kitten arching on pole

What it costs to pay a pole teacher that teaches pole teachers

Good lord that was expensive. I paid $265 for an hour and a half private lesson. Plus when I got there, she said she no longer lets students video themselves at her lessons. So I had no choice but to pay her $100 so SHE would video our session for me. And all that doesn't even include what it cost to rent a car to actually get to her studio! She'll be mailing me a DVD of our session soon. And I did get some great new stuff to work on just for myself as well as some new tricks and teaching techniques to use in my classes. And I can use the video to review all of it again and again.

My hands are pretty raw right now from all the gripping I did on the pole during all the inversions. They may hurt for a few days and I'm sure I'll have blisters.


As you begin to run the edge of excellence, the cost gets higher. My current rate is $200/hr, with more if they ask me to go to court. I've only done it a couple times, but if you are an expert's expert, it gets that way.

More fun is when I am set vs. another Corrosion Engineer. My job is not just facts, but the ability to make random people understand what actually happened. (I have turned down $500/hr plus materials to say something I didn't believe/calculate)

It gets that way when you play on the edge....
And that's why I pay the big bucks to get better! :)
There's nothing I could do about it. My learning disability means I'll otherwise walk away and maybe remember 10 to 15% of what I paid over $200 for. This was the only way for me to retain everything I paid for.
She always charges instructors more. A private lesson costs much less if you are not a teacher.
I hope you got (or can get) receipts to write off the expense on your taxes.
Of course! My flight to and frome Californa is also tax deductible because of this lesson (my accountant that used to work for the IRS, told me so).