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socks and cat

Can't take a vacation without getting some work done

A year ago, while I was in Fresno for Christmas, I gave a ton of free business advise to two sisters in nearby Turlock that wanted to start a pole dance school. They have since started a fabulous school, the first of its kind in the area. Today I am renting a car and driving an hour and a half to Turlock to meet up with one of the sisters at her studio. We are going to compare our lap dance workshop lesson plans and exchange ideas. Since we are nowhere near enough to each other to be competitors, it just makes sense to swap lesson plans so we can add to our own.

Of course I'm terrified of getting lost somewhere between Fresno and Turlock. So if you never hear from me again, send a search party.


You know, you have a business opportunity there.

Pole Dance Studio consulting.

Really. You could help new studios get started and review the lesson plans and business plans for existing schools and offer advice and info.

You could do a much of it on line to avoid traveling.

I don't know where you'd fit it into you schedule though.

Or, hey, you could write your "How to get start and run a pole dance studio" up as an E-book and sell that on line. Once you've done the writing, get some help to set up a website to sell it, and then everything is pretty much automatic.

Just a thought. I hate to see people leave money on the table.