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socks and cat

It's national news

After reading this, I am counting my blessings...

Hope On The Horizon For Stranded Travelers At Sea-Tac
Associated Press

December 23, 2008

Alaska Airlines and Horizon Air have resumed
service at Sea-Tac airport, but at limited capacity.

The airlines are still trying to recover from four days of
disrupted or canceled flights after heavy snowfall in Seattle and

Tom Gerharter, senior vice president of Horizon Air operations,
says the airlines expect to resume full operation in Seattle by
Tuesday, if the weather continue to improve.

At Sea-Tac, spokesman Perry Cooper said stranded passengers were
given water and blankets, concession stores had adequate food for
sale, and there were no reports of temper flare-ups.

Some travelers said they had spent 12 hours waiting for a ticket
agent, taking turns sleeping while others held their places in
line. Much of the available floor space was filled with families
huddled and trying to sleep under light blue blankets. Walking
space was at a premium. The baggage claim area was littered with
mounds of unclaimed luggage 6 and 7 feet high.


I am one of the "stranded" travelers. Just was stranded with a canceled ticket and luckily knew about it by 10pm the night before so I was stuck at home instead of at the airport.

My Monday 10am flight was canceled by Sunday night and I was on the phone at 4am (the only time the phone lines weren't busy) to reschedule to the next available flight. 3 days later.

The thing that got me is that it took the airport and Red Cross 3 days to set up a makeshift shelter in the airport when they KNEW how bad the situation was over the weekend. And I also realized last night that a ton of those people were stuck on the baggage claim side of the airport not having a valid ticket for flight getting them through security (and to the side of the airport with restaurants and amenities).
Yeah, but you would have made it a party.
the unclaimed luggage is partly due to them holding luggage back for some strange reason! Our friend's partner (who I wrote about) had her luggage go somewhere else before getting to seattle and then it was put into holding where they weren't allowed to get it! Bizarre!
He was one of the ones that had been in line for 10 and half hours to get a ticket out of there...