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cat in the snow

Snow envy

While I'm having a great vacation, I'm still envious of all you Seattle peeps. I just checked your weather and you will get snow on Sunday, snow on Monday, snow on Tuesday, snow on Wednesday, snow on Thursday and snow on Friday. I am missing out on a white Christmas week.

Then again, I am enjoying the sunshine (during the day) while Seattle is 28 degrees even as I write this.


Actually we're getting snow now.
And lots of it!

(we're helpers!)
I have 15" of snow outside with 45 mph gusty winds. I feel like I am in upper Alaska today here in Boston. I'll take sunshine and the ability to lay on the beach and go for a swim- now please! :)
What an odd coincidence. I spent the last week traveling around Mount Baker and Seattle, so while I’m used to the warm sunny California conditions the snow was a surprise. I was expecting rain. It was fun though, but so very cold. I ended up hitting just about every coffee shop I came across for a hot beverage (and as you know you can’t go more than 20 steps without seeing one in Seattle).

While it was beautiful I’m glad to be back home, even though it’s raining here (and will be most of the week). I seem to have brought the weather back with me.