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socks and cat

Do flights get snowed in at SeaTac?

I may be able to back out of my vacation after all. It is going to snow tomorrow and possibly continue to snow through Thursday when my flight leaves. Unfortunately I don't get a refund even if the plane is grounded due to snow. I get credit I can use in the next year and they will charge me $100 to use that credit. It doesn't quite seem fair to make me pay $100 because my flight was snowed in. But Alaska Air says it's not their fault it snows, so they still will charge me the $100 fee even if the flight is grounded due to snow.

Seriously considering canceling. Even if the flight can leave, what if I can't get to the airport? My ride will be snowed in on the East side and won't be able to get here to Seattle. And the freeways might not be safe. And let's face it, I just don't want to go anymore. I have a lot of working and relaxing and snuggling I could be doing right HERE over the next two weeks.


Many airports can de-ice with ethylene or propylene glycol...as long asthe wings don't d-ice, they can fly.

Admittedly, this is my excuse to nto spend several iced in with you.
I took a flight out of SeaTac after the big November 2006 snowstorm. Despite the weather, the flight wasn't even delayed.
Darn. There goes my excuse.
I'm flying out of Sea Tac on thursday as well. What time are you leaving? Maybe we can share a cab?
My flight leaves at 6pm. My goal is to arrive at the airport by 4:30pm.
Oh ok, my flight leaves at 2 so I'll get there around 12:30.
Sounds like you really aren't feeling up for the trip. One question. Would you regret not going to seeing the family it if something happened to any of the folks you were supposed to see this year? If so, keep your travel plans. If not (like they aren't really close to you but you are supposed to keep up) I'd lean on canceling for this year and spend the time working on you and home time. You don't need excuses :) And you'll know for next year if you do miss having the time with them.
I'd offer to drive you, but you just don't want to go. Cancel your flight.
I will probably go. I'm still rushing around trying to get things ready to go.