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Pride & Prejudice

Quote of the Day...

"In real love you want the other person's good. In romantic love you want the other person."
--Margaret Anderson

And now it's your turn. Have you experienced both, or just one or the other? If you experienced both, which was better? Comments please.


The entirety of my brainspace was for Laurie's well-being.
The way you loved her...amazed me. I think it blew a lot of us away. Very few of us will ever experience love like that.
Never, *ever* doubt your capacity for Love.

I had no idea I was capable.
I rarely experience only one of those at a time.
Real love is longer lasting, but romantic love is more *fun*. I'll take the real, though...that's the kind that you still have 50 years later in the nursing home :-P
separately, and at the same time

romantic is fun, real is more rewarding, both is the complete package.
I'm not sure I see the dichotomy. Wanting another is intimately wrapped up in wanting their own good. Otherwise, what's the point?
For example, a mother who gives her drug addict son money so he doesn't end up homeless...wants him. She would rather he be a drug addict than lose him. A mother who wants what's good for her son, will stop giving him money and let him end up homeless and hit rock bottom and risk dying, so he has a motivation to go get help and have a chance at a better life.

Many couples end up in similar situations. It is possible to want some one so much that you keep them from what is good for them.
Very good point.

With Qais, I want his good. I do whatever I can to help him and his family out. I even do what I can to help out his country.
what kind of love is it when you want to *be* the other person?