Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

Might miss the ball tonight

I teach a lap dance workshop at 12:30 and I expect quite a few no-shows due to snow. I have already received one e-mail from a gal that's registered that doesn't want to drive because there's ice where she is.

I've decided that this year there will be no snow refunds. At least not for mild snow conditions like this (it's sunny out right now and there are a ton of cars on the road). Back when I was on Queen Anne Hill I wouldn't expect anyone to drive up that hill in the snow. But I'm on flat ground, just 3 miles West of the freeway which I heard on the radio is clear and ice free. The roads to and from the freeway are so heavily traveled, they are also snow free. I told the gal missing the workshop that she could go stand by on any future workshops. Basically that means she can have any last minute un-sold spots for free. But I won't be turning away any paying clients to hold a spot for folks that don't come to the workshop today. I think that is a fair compromise.

I'm not sure if I'll make it to the fetish ball tonight. I didn't realize the $30 entry fee included the circus. And I feel cheated, because I have to miss the circus performances beforehand. I'm supposed to both be at a dinner for belovedrooster AND I'm supposed to be teaching a pole party at that time. I don't know yet which is going to happen since the pole party is saying they might reschedule because the guest of honor has to catch an early flight out of town. But the point is, why should I pay a high entry fee for a circus I don't get to see? Also my escort might not even be up to it. He has been out in the freezing forest all weekend LARP'ing. I imagine he'll be back tonight very exhausted and not much up for dancing. But we'll see. Maybe we'll still go.

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