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socks and cat

Where did the stars go?

I'm used to looking up at the sky light windows on the ceiling of my home office and seeing stars. Today all I can see is a white blanket of snow covering my view.

I am amused.

In preparation for said snow, I went to the health food co-op store yesterday and stocked up on a whole bunch of food. Which is silly, since I'm 10 blocks from a Safeway and 11 blocks from a QFC Market. I could walk to the grocery store in a blizzard if I wanted to.


There is a great difference to what you want/need to do, and have done.

The least obvious example is the guest...
It's always easier to forage for yourse', than yougr guests...I learned that five years ago.
Whenever we have a Nor'Easter (blizzard coming from the north and the east) people stockpile on food as if they won't be able to get food for 2 weeks. The liquor store is packed as well.