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Cirque Du Noc Fetish Ball

I just found out the Cirque Du Noc fetish ball is this Sunday the 14th. Talk about NOT enough notice. I'll be tired from teaching a lap dance workshop AND a pole party that day. But I want to try and go. Who else is going?


Hw are your shin splints and upper-leg muscles?

And what do Boys wear?
Pain faded on it's own, and I got it massaged today too. Thank you for asking.

The boys wear all different things. Some wear their standard goth wear. Some wear kinky fetish wear. Some dress like they are going to a masquerade ball, which it kind of is, but naughtier.

Why? Thinking of going. :)
If you are going, i cannot think else; dates,timesamdmkttemtude wpold be vitl
Go here: http://www.cirquedunoc.com/ and select the ball after you verify your age. Let me know if you're really going. I would love that!
Do you have your tickets yet?
No. I'll probably just buy tickets at the door.
I'm going to try, if only to meet you, bf or not.

Not being optimal---I hate jealousy or unconfident

I never want to make you uncomfortable...otherwise, we'll meet at the fish market, and they'll throw me two trout.
How does the Got word consider a black kilt and else?

I am *so* glad the pain faded....I had shin splints for three solid years...keep stretching...
I'll be there. Broke and therefore unable to buy a corset (that I really want) but there. :)
I'm sorry, this is off topic. I love your icons, specially the ones of you. Is this icon one of you too?
I'm much too shy to pose like that. I'm more about showing abs than ass.
Well, they are quite fabulous abs.
Sadly, I'll be down in CA with the relatives.
It won't be the same without you.
I plan to be there. :)
I would e thre kilt on----can you recommencd nything past origanal kilt, Mocker, or Survival....selfishly, what would turn your head?
Kilt would be perfect! What would turn my head? I'm partial to poet/pirate style shirts on men. :)
I'm less good at puffy sleeves than t-shirts....how do you feel about chainmail?
Chainmail is hot. Not very hugable, but hot!
I might - not sure what we're doing yet ;)

and yes, you have fabulous abs!
It would be great to hang out with you guys at the ball. I hope you make it!