Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

Can't take the smoke anymore

While I don't know how long this decision will last, for now we have decided not to go to the Mercury anymore. For those out of town, the Mercury is the only club in Seattle that still permits smoking even though smoking in clubs was banned a few years back. The ceilings are also very low and the place packs them in on a Saturday night. It's basically a giant smoke bomb in there.

I hand washed the skirt I wore to the Mercury and the water turned a disgusting yellow - from the smoke and chemicals. It got me thinking that the same yellow icky chemical filled stuff was not just floating through my hair, but getting into my pores and coating the inside of my lungs. Quite simply, the Mercury is a slow way of poisoning yourself. It's beyond unhealthy.

We also had a very beautiful woman flirting with us. And I do mean...gorgeous. She had the kind of body that made you wonder; how could that possibly be real? But she also had a cigarette in her hand the entire time, which made her go from hothothot to grossgrossgross in 2.5 seconds. It reminds me of the few times over the years that I would see a hottie across the dance floor at a club and start making eyes at him. Then...he would light a cigarette. And I would promptly turn around and never look at him again. I guess if you're in a relationship, I could see how you might smoke. But single smokers, my god, do you have ANY idea how many hot, fascinating, intelligent, cool people you NEVER get to talk to or go out with because they were turned off as soon as they saw you with a cigarette? You could be missing out on everything from hot sex with some one who would have otherwise wanted you to the relationship of your dreams that would have made you happy for the rest of your life. That's a lot to give up for a cigarette.

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