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machine gun kitty

Can't take the smoke anymore

While I don't know how long this decision will last, for now we have decided not to go to the Mercury anymore. For those out of town, the Mercury is the only club in Seattle that still permits smoking even though smoking in clubs was banned a few years back. The ceilings are also very low and the place packs them in on a Saturday night. It's basically a giant smoke bomb in there.

I hand washed the skirt I wore to the Mercury and the water turned a disgusting yellow - from the smoke and chemicals. It got me thinking that the same yellow icky chemical filled stuff was not just floating through my hair, but getting into my pores and coating the inside of my lungs. Quite simply, the Mercury is a slow way of poisoning yourself. It's beyond unhealthy.

We also had a very beautiful woman flirting with us. And I do mean...gorgeous. She had the kind of body that made you wonder; how could that possibly be real? But she also had a cigarette in her hand the entire time, which made her go from hothothot to grossgrossgross in 2.5 seconds. It reminds me of the few times over the years that I would see a hottie across the dance floor at a club and start making eyes at him. Then...he would light a cigarette. And I would promptly turn around and never look at him again. I guess if you're in a relationship, I could see how you might smoke. But single smokers, my god, do you have ANY idea how many hot, fascinating, intelligent, cool people you NEVER get to talk to or go out with because they were turned off as soon as they saw you with a cigarette? You could be missing out on everything from hot sex with some one who would have otherwise wanted you to the relationship of your dreams that would have made you happy for the rest of your life. That's a lot to give up for a cigarette.


LOL...of course you know I agree with you...but remember smokers are addicts like heroine addicts...they don't think the same as you and I.

They think if they smoke, they will attract the perfect mate that will let them smoke and smoke with them.

I cant tell you how many people (men) I have known that became smokers just because the company they worked at had soo many...and during smoke break is when you get to know your boss and move up in the company..supposedly hard working non smokers get looked over at promotion time (according to smoking addicts)

It is really sad what the mind of addict will do to justify his habits.

That's why I stopped going to the Merc so long ago. I just don't get along with addicts :(

And the chemicals and the smell just never went away...imagine what your insides look like after going to the Merc every weekend! ick...

But she also had a cigarette in her hand the entire time, which made her go from hothothot to grossgrossgross in 2.5 seconds.

Yup. Smoking always turns me off to an otherwise attractive person. I've never dated a smoker, and it's one of the few things that are absolute deal breakers for me.

I haven't been to the Mercury in a couple of years. I can't stand the smoke. It got even worse after other clubs were forced to ban smoking.
After being in smoke-free clubs for about 3 years, a recent trip to the Merc reminded me how intolerable smoke is in enclosed places with poor ventilation. I came home reeking of it, and had a hard time breathing amongst it. That continues to sour my interest in even going there with friends, when every other bar can be gone into sans smoke.
As for the people who smoke, previous girlfriends had smoking habits, and I'm far more interested in non-smoking women for a long list of reasons related to the smoke. It won't be the deal breaker if there's a woman who is spectacular in all other aspects, but it's in the top 1 or 2 of my immediate "ah, hell... she's a smoker... that's too bad..." responses. I think aside from the smell and second-hand effects, the other thing is simply the interruptions that go on. "I'll be back in 10 min. Going out to smoke!" is annoying and can sometimes complicate timing and coordination during an event. It's a separate lifestyle that requires allowances much like two people who decided they found love, but have contrasting religious beliefs or dietary styles, or whatnot. It's automatic constant compromise where without it could be far smoother existence.

If I date a smoker in the future, it's got to be one who does it as a rare social thing, or makes a pack last a week and lives in a no-smoking home and workplace. At that point, it's as minimal as you can get.
Ya know, I agree with you on the smoking at the Merc. It's nasty and I found myself unable to breathe by the end of the night.

And that's even with me being a social smoker... of course, I am trying to quit. They really are nasty things.

I don't smoke in my own home and every time I go to the Merc, I'm reminded how much I prefer the non-smoking clubs.
I really want smoking to stop at the Mercury. As you know, I have been an on again off again smoker for a long time, but I have always supported the smoking ban. I feel sick when I am at the Mercury on a crowded night. I get awful headaches from the smoke. And I get a hangover even if I don't drink any alcoholic beverages. Its because of smoke OD!

Now that I am being classically trained and am going to be in the opera I feel like I need to make ZERO exceptions and stay the hell out of there. This makes me sad because I have so many friends that work there and frequent the club. A lot of them refuse to go anywhere else on a weekend. Also... the music sucks at NOC! Well... I hear the music format is changing at NOC and I may have to check it out again. Thing is, I think it is time for me to find a new scene.

Edited at 2008-12-08 01:31 am (UTC)
I've heard that if all you are looking for is to get laid, hit on a smoker.
They obviously care less about their own bodies and are thus more likely to put out.

(My own reaction to this.. Ick.)
This is such common knowledge that there is a name for it. I wish I could remember what it is. Oh wait, I think it is: "If she smokes, she pokes." Or something like this.

Of course not all smokers are like this. But the perception remains, true or not.
when I say things like this I get accused of being biggoted and close-minded... additions, even smaller and less harmful ones, warp people's minds. Their basic perception of relative importance and honesty becomes inconsistent and arbitrary to support a short-term hedonistic outlook on life.