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pole kitten inverted trick


I can't walk. Don't worry, I can get around by limping like a gimpy little thing. This morning I woke up to discover the pain in my shin has spread to my calves and glute muscles. Lucky for me, you can spin around a pole without too much walking. Because I have 3 and 1/2 hours of teaching tonight. Holy cow.

If I can just survive that and the pole party I'm teaching Thursday night, I have a massage scheduled for Friday morning. I just have to hold on until Friday.


Oh dear! Sending the good healing juju!
Sounds like you need to go to a doc. Depending on your situation you could make things a lot worse by continuing to work through the pain. There are a number of things that could be going wrong.
I ended up having to move my massage to Sunday, and they scheduled me with Arron. You said you had Arron once. Was he any good?
He is really good at finding the pain at both ends, if that makes sense. He knows his anatomy well. I liked him!
Yay! He'll probably do a great job of finding what's hurting my shin.