Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

No context theatre

Tonight I got really emotionally involved in a situation. Some where in the midst of it all was that little wise voice inside me that just knows what to do, that told me: Sit down at your altar and remember what you believe in and what you know about the Universe. Act from where you know the answers are, and not your emotions.

It's very hard when I know how to handle things and control them in the physical world but I also have deeper, more spiritual ways of dealing with them that work much better...but can't give me the quick resolution that I crave. I know how to act on and fix things in the physical world, but it usually involves having an emotion about it first and taking action based on that emotion. The resolutions are sometimes far less satisfying and much slower when I work from a spiritual level. But those resolutions are also always far more permanent and healing on every level.

Apparently this goes back to my post on instant gratification. I might have the ability to handle a situation immediately, but the delayed resolutions are far more lasting and powerful.

I'm done thinking about it. I'm ready to treat myself to a sugar free rasberry fig bar.

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