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word wall

pain and groceries

I am limping, and in some pain. One of my instructors told me today it's called a "shin splint" and she knows because she used to get them all the time. Oh, the joys of teaching class with an injury. I'll be icing it tonight.

I also have to take a moment to say how much I appreciate 24 hour grocery stores. How did we ever function as a society back when grocery stores closed at 9pm? I'm done teaching for the night. I'm craving something special. I'm going to go get it...now. I am spoiled. I like that.


Shin splints is a very generic term for many a problem in that area. It's like saying 'I have low back pain' as a diagnosis. Icing is a good place to start, but if it continues, or there is numbness and tingling--seriously get yourself to a MD asap.
Okay, thanks!
OWE! sorry to hear that!!

as for 24hour groceries...yeah, not here in Hawaii! lol.

It makes you have to think completely differently...less temptation at midnight though ;)

'spoiled' is supposed to be a good thing (unless you're talking about milk)