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socks and cat


Oh my god it's December!!! So much to do...so little time. Where did the year go?


Yeah, I know...seems to have just rocketed past (during all the parts where I wasn't paying attention to that election thingy).
Right there with ya.
It went by at the speed of light! It went so quickly I couldn't even setup a holiday party this year. I had to wait till January to host one (Bollywood Party)
Have you decided yet if you are going to get another cat? A friend of mine is a vet in Eastern Washington and just posted about some special kittens in need of a home (the whole litter is polydactyl which means they have 6 toes instead of 5). Her original post is here: http://draggonlaady.livejournal.com/165850.html
I have decided yes. But I will be gone for 2-weeks in December. That would be a bad time to adopt a kitten, right before I'm about to leave it all alone for 2 weeks. So I have to wait until January to get a kitty. I'm also hoping for a very young adult cat rather than a kitten. I want a personality type like Meushi was; an attention ho that follows me everywhere and always needs to be in my lap or in my arms. I'm concerned that if I get a kitten, I won't know what type of adult it will grow up to be. So to be safe, I'm looking for an adult with a very set personality (affectionate needy type).

Thanks for thinking of me though, let me know if you find out about any young adults like that, in January.