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Belly dancer headshop


The dinner I'm going to tonight is conservative and a bit dress up. I spent 30 minutes digging through my closet trying things on trying to find something that did NOT make me look like a little goth girl.

I failed.

I need to introduce some more color to my wardrobe. But I settled for a black crochet top, a black duster style ankle length sweater and a black skirt with pink flowers. Way too much black, but at least it has the flowers.


I fail to see the problem ;-D
Good luck with the introductions and feast! We'll miss you.
Why is wearing all black too much black? I think you can wear all black and still be conservative. And I think you can wear all black and not look goth. And I think you can dress conservatively and still look goth. Also, I think you can look goth wearing lots of color. Ever notice that some people can not fail to look goth even if they wear a baby pink dress with daisies on it? Some people can never look goth no matter how hard you try to help them! I guess it's all a relative thing. :)

I'm crazy with the typos tonight. Maybe it's the turkey and wine!

Edited at 2008-11-28 09:23 am (UTC)