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socks and cat

Reading more than just vampire novels

I think the really truly wonderful thing about Twilight is that it got me reading again. I have finished the sequel and started going back into reading non-fiction again. Today I am making time in my schedule to pick up a book designed to help folks like myself with PTSD that some one recommended for me years ago. Reading a book before I sleep and right when I wake up has become an indelible habit that I want to keep for life.

There are still two more books in the Twilight series and I do intend to get to them. But I have a lot more spiritual and non-fiction books on my list as well and I'm interested in seeing where this wonderful new reading habit takes me.


Did you ever get the chance to read the book I got you for your birthday a few years ago? It's called Kiss My Tiara, How to Rule the World as a Smart Mouthed Goddess. It is a light quick read and it has useful knowledge for us girls that is presented in a hilarious way. I wish this book existed when I was in high school. It would have helped me loads! Just want to know if you like it or not. When and if you do read it you might want to pass it down to another gal you think could use it.