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socks and cat


I'm not going to post any spoilers, but am going to give a spoilerless review.


And not in a vampire sexy way. I mean sucked bad.

Don't see this movie. It gives a chopped up edited version of the plot with none of the richness, depth and wonder of the novel.

The scenes that were SUPPOSED to be romantic and sexy and tension filled were so over the top corny and bad that everyone was laughing. Can you imagine people laughing during a movie at all the spots that are supposed to get you excited or scared? If you want to know how corny it is, think after school special with vampires and poor attempts at sexual tension.

If you plan to see the movie, please at least read the book first so you won't have the experienced totally and completely ruined for you by this sad attempt at a movie. If you already purchased tickets for Friday's showing, I recommend getting good and drunk before you go into the theater. It might actually be not as half bad if you're so drunk you'll believe anything.

Way to take one of the best, richest pieces of fiction I've ever read and completely slaughter it.


I would have enjoyed it, maybe even a little if I were to see it alone and not with a theatre full of teenage-ish girl-shaped hormone sponges making heavy breathing noises and gasps.

no wait, how do you really feel? Don't sugar it up...;)
Interesting to hear, because the post on my flist right before yours is a review from a girl that loved the books and loved the movie.
And see, most of the people I know have said the books were terrible, too. I'm afraid I might be too much of an editor to appreciate them.

That boy sure is pretty though, despite his plastered-on, LOOK AT ME I'M SO INTENSE face.
I actually liked the movie. Yes it took away from the actual book, but have you ever seen a film that managed to compile all of those scenes and not be about 5 hours long? I appreciated the movie for what it was and I thought it was visually beautiful. But yes... it felt short and under-developed... but unfortunately they just didn't have enough time to put ALL Of the book into the movie.

I do love me some Edward though and I thought Bella was very true to her character.


You should really read all the books reading just Twilight is not going to catch you up when watching the flim the other books more in depth detail and plus it is a teen movie that's the appeal of it for teens I really liked the book
I kind of suspected the movie would suck so I avoided it. What my gripe is that I have been writing a novel (about vampires) and there is a teenaged female and a slightly older male vampire in it. I didn't even know about the book or the film while I was writing it. So hopefully it won't get pigeon-holed.
It's all about the timing. When do you think you will finish the novel?
I should be finished with my first draft within the next 4 days I think. Then the 2nd and 3rd draft revision by the end of this year. So if all goes well publication by the spring :)
I can see how Twilight could both hinder and help your book. It could go either way. But that's so exciting that it could be published by the Spring! Congrats!