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socks and cat

prices falling

The other day I paid only $2.19 a gallon for gas at the Safetway gas station. That's so amazing. I expected to be paying twice that by now.


$2.19? I somehow doubt that.

I'd believe $3.19, though that's less than I've seen around here. Usually seeing about $3.25-$3.30 right now.
Wow. We're down to $1.64 in St. Louis...
The eastside seems to always have higher prices then downtown seattle.

The corner station was $2.21 this morning.


The national average is $2.30. In some places, it is under $2.00.
I saw it for $1.89 down here. I was THRILLED!!! I know of areas in MD where last Friday, it was $1.80/gallon!
It's 1.84 in Georgia. Back in late Sept (after the Ike gas shortage) it was up at $4.19.
The Prime around the corner from me is $1.87. We were paying over $4 over the summer.
$2.03 over here at the AmPm/Arco.
I suspect it's because OPEC realized they were already gouging us before, and when this crisis hit -- they understood they would probably kill the American market if they didn't drop prices.

I can almost *promise* you -- as soon as the financial crisis starts to look better prices WILL go back to $3 and $4 quickly.
I paid $2.15 just two days ago...*JOY*