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socks and cat

Yes, maybe and probably not

The new Frederick's of Hollywood catalog just arrived and I simply must order this:

I get free shipping if I order a second item, so I was thinking about this sweater dress:

And finally, a formal dress I really like but probably won't order since I have WAY too many formal dresses right now:


I don't think I've ever seen you wear something that shows off your back before. Do you have something to wear that jewelry with?

I like the turtleneck sweater-dress. I've been looking for a cowl-necked sweater-dress...
I don't have any backless dresses. But I do wear a bra as a top sometimes when clubbing, like a PVC bra or a sequin bra. Would it still look good over bra straps in the back?
I think it would look less good. The nice thing about this necklace is that is accentuates and elongates a naked back. Wearing a bra would take away from what makes this necklace sexy by drawing your eye to the bra-strap instead of the back. But, you might be able to make it work...
Now I'm having second thoughts about buying it.
It is really pretty! I just think you need to find something backless to wear it with. Maybe you need a second opinion!
I love that sweater dress.
oh...that second dress is hot.