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Meushi animated

This is me...

This is me for sure...

There's no doubt there is a huge hole in my life, where my beloved used to be. But how do you replace the animal that was your soulmate? I simply can't imagine loving any being the special and unique way I still love her. But with quicksilver1 sent off to war, I'm all alone in this home. And so I feel the absence of a kitty all that much more.

The fact that the landlord wants a $900 cat deposit won't deter me. I'm just waiting until the holidays are over. There's no point to getting a cat right before I go away for 2 weeks. I want to wait until I get back from vacation. But I'm tempted to start looking through the animal shelter's website at all the kitties in foster care. Maybe I can find one before I leave and then take them home from their temporary foster care when I get back. But can you ever find another kitty soulmate? Or will every cat I have for the rest of my life just not live up to the bond I had with Meushi?


The PAWS no-kill shelter over in Greenwood always has awesome kitties up for adoption.
I recommend waiting to look until you can actually bring a kitty home.

And yes, you can find a kitty who will be different, but you'll bond with very strongly.


there will never be another Meuishi, there will be other cats that you love, i don't think you will be disappointed with a new kitty but it wont be the same.
I have had 10 cats in my life. Three of them were my soul mates. Each relationship was different. I loved them all very much.

Often the best way to choose a cat is to let it choose you.

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No problem. :)
I agree here!! I have grown up with sooo many cats, and other than Sophie right now, only two others were my soul mate cats...one was maine coon, and the other was tortise shell...both breeds that Sophie is...I think she is the soul combo of both of them...

just be open minded, and remember that cats are not like people, they will die before we do...we just have to accept that, and be thankful for the ones we can have around us when we need them.

Same with boyfriends...lol...but better than boyfriends ;)

just go in open minded, and definitely wait until you get back, and take your time. You will know when you meet one that you can share your love with ;)
I've had a number of wonderful cats in my life that I've had amazing bonds with. They never replace each other, but they do each provide a very lasting and loving bond, and they have all made me exceedingly happy.
"Meow cat rescue" over in Kirkland is another great place to find a cat (another of the no-kill shelters that works so hard to find good homes for every cat that comes through the doors)

*disclaimer* we've fostered kittens for them for 6 years, so I'm a bit partial
I am so sorry about the passing of your cat. I don't think the hurt ever goes away it just is there until you can live with it I guess. Having another cat is kind of like honoring your previous cat in a way. It's like an aspect of humanity...

well actually that would be like catity since it's deals with being kind to cats not humans but that word doesn't exist (but it should!)