Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

This is me...

This is me for sure...

There's no doubt there is a huge hole in my life, where my beloved used to be. But how do you replace the animal that was your soulmate? I simply can't imagine loving any being the special and unique way I still love her. But with quicksilver1 sent off to war, I'm all alone in this home. And so I feel the absence of a kitty all that much more.

The fact that the landlord wants a $900 cat deposit won't deter me. I'm just waiting until the holidays are over. There's no point to getting a cat right before I go away for 2 weeks. I want to wait until I get back from vacation. But I'm tempted to start looking through the animal shelter's website at all the kitties in foster care. Maybe I can find one before I leave and then take them home from their temporary foster care when I get back. But can you ever find another kitty soulmate? Or will every cat I have for the rest of my life just not live up to the bond I had with Meushi?

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