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socks and cat

Another cool date idea

There is a new movie theater on the East side that serves dinner and alcohol with the movie. Review here: http://www.seattleweekly.com/2008-11-12/food/a-fancy-dinner-with-your-movie-and-no-popcorn/


Nice idea, but not really an encouraging review.
The Central Cinema at 21st & Union does that too...maybe not as upscale, but it's the same idea. Big Picture in Seattle/Redmond also serves alcohol at the movies. One year, I went with a friend for a nice little buffet/champagne showing of Sideways. Decadent memories...
Tried to get to Big Pic for Zack & Miri on Thur, but they'd sold out for a private club :( Good to hear there's another open now as well :)
Too expensive for just watching mainstream first-run movies. Sounds like it's the Triple Door sans performers.