Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

great night

The strip club tour tonight was amazing. Over dinner, one of my students told me that after all the girls in her level 1 class exchanged e-mails, they have been e-mailing one another regularly. They all agreed that the class has had an effect on all their lives. She said specifically, that she has never owned her femininity the way she does now, after having learned to in my class.

The club treated us like royalty. The manager saw as as we took a group shot outside (and he knew we were coming in advance). He must have told the guy at the counter. Because they didn't even ask for ID's or anything, they just told us to go right in. When we got there, I noticed the girls lagged behind me as I went to get a seat. I realized they must be scared and had to prompt them to find seats with me.

The fun took off from there. One group seemed to make friends with a dancer who entertained them at their chairs for some time. She let one try on her stripper shoes and then took her seat and let her pretend to be a stripper and dance around for her. They were all laughing and having a great time. Two other girls that have been interested in stripping, ended up at their table with a dancer. The dancer was kind enough to sit and talk with them for a long time, answering questions about what they would need to know to make money.

The group of us that sat in the front had fun too. They rained dollars on the dancers and I guess word got out that we were the big tippers or something. Because pretty soon the dancers were climbing into our laps and practically giving us dances right there on the spot. One of them seemed to really enjoy shocking us and watching our excited and squealing reactions to her naughty moves in our laps.

The biggest surprise was one dancer coming to our table and asking if I remembered her. It turns out she was one of my former students! I've had dancers take private lessons from me before. But this might be the first ever regular girl that took classes from me and went on to become a real dancer. What a surprise! The DJ was good to us too, announcing that dancer as a Pole for the Soul alumni and telling everyone in the club that Pole for the Soul was here. We really did feel special!

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