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socks and cat


At this point we've got about 25 of us coming to the strip club tour tonight and I finally had to start turning people away. I forgot that while the strip club can hold over 100 people, the restaurant we're going to probably can't fit more than 20 to 25 at one table (if they put a bunch of tables together).

Without knowing it, I had actually set the inventory limit on the tour at about 22 or so (I guess I picked that number randomly, thinking there was no way that many people would register). So at least my shopping cart system on my website won't take any more orders. I have no idea how many people got refused registration online, but I just had to return the call of some one that wanted to register, and let her know we're full.

This is exciting of course. I just hope the dancer that said she'll be there, does show up. I can run the tour fine on my own. But a real dancer there at dinner would really make the girls on the tour very happy. Especially this one, since she's been dancing for 15 years. Oh the stories she could tell!


lol. that's cool it's working out! Just remember the advice of a red hed who has now moved to SF (and works with me lol), not to criticize the dancers on stage, and to TIP!!! lol. Tell those girls they better tip something, or they are taking up valuable space in the club. And in this bad economy, you don't want to piss off a stripper ;) lol
I know not all the girls can afford to tip. So I told them if they sit in the front row, they must tip EVERY dancer on stage. I told them if they can't afford to tip, they must sit further back.

I also asked them to bring cash for lap dances (if they can afford it), even if they don't think they would want one. Many of them change their mind when they get there and buy dances.
good. At least $1 per song. and it's nice if a couple girls do get dances. It makes the dancers feel a little less like animals in a cage. People just coming to gawk for free :(

Are you talking about J? Or maybe someone else entirely... Wait, nevermind. J died her hair black.
someone else entirely ;) --->
Ah ha! I don't think we've met but it looks like you are friends with some of my dearest friends. Hello!