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Your opinion please

After almost 3 months I still don't have a sign on my building, which is a waste of a great advertising opportinity (since I'm on an insanely busy street). When I posted my logo here and a poll about a month ago asking what you all thought, the answers were colorful enough that I no longer wanted my current logo on the sign. So here is the latest contendor:

What do you think of when you see this logo?

It was designed specifically to my specifications. I wanted a woman who had a shape that could not be exactly determined, so every woman could identify with her whether she's thin, average or large build. I also wanted the lotus flower for the spiritual meaning behind it. Wikipedia says this about the lotus flower: It is often used as an example of divine beauty, for example Vishnu is often described as the 'Lotus-Eyed One'. Its unfolding petals suggest the expansion of the soul.

If you don't like this one, there are a few other contendors below the cut. If you decide you prefer one of these, please let me know why. Thanks!

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I suppose the logo does what you want it to, but I don't think it is pretty. The flower makes her look like she has weird feet. It took me about 20 seconds to realize what it was. I'd put the flower somewhere else, or give her feet.
My gut reaction on the first one is that it makes me think of my gynecologists office (sorry!). And #2 and #3 look like she has an extra arm.

Maybe this has already been asked, but are you concerned about safety issues on a busy street announcing to the general public (via signage) what goes on in your studio?
I think her concern was she didn't want men to think it was a strip club.
I sorta thought the same thing about the gynecologist office.... eeep!
The last one is probably my favorite design wise, but I don't like the color. A blue or a purple would be more soothing and attractive, I think.
I like the first one best - it seems to be most fitting for the way you describe your classes and goals. It feels right. But three things that stand out to me:
1) I don't know if it's because it is right at the center of the logo, but my eyes were drawn straight to the woman's crotch. It made the whole thing feel much more suggestive.
2) If the lotus were bigger, I think it would give more balance to the design
3) The name of the company feels very separate from the rest of the design. If you made this into a sign, would it look just like that? It feels like it would work better as a long sign that was something like "Pole for [image] the Soul", but I don't know if that fits the space you have for the sign.
Ditto to all three, #1 being my biggest concern. I think I like the idea of the first one best, it just needs some tweaking. The first one looks like a new age shop sign, the others look much more like a strip joint sign.
I like the moon & the star best. The first one I don't like, but I can't quite say why. Can you get a couple versions of the last one?
Have you considered just doing a typographic logo without an image?

I think that your sign is trying to do too much. It just doesn't feel 'fun' to me. The dancer's shape is nice but from a distance might look impaled. If the font treatment had some movement in it and feminized it might be enough to get you phone calls and also indicate the location of your studio without the strip club flavor that you don't want.

As an example, the classic coca-cola logo has movement to it---I'm not saying you should have you font look like coke's (egads!) but give you other ideas to consider.


I'm going to be honest. I didn't realize it was a flower in the first image, until I read the comments of other people. I thought it was some sort of abstract vagina. The first and second images, with the flower, seem the worst. The outline feels very sloppy.

For the star image, while an improvement, her hips seem abnormally large. The lense flare is also an unnecessary addition. My personal favorite is the moon, but it also feels a bit lacking. A friend of mine, Darren Calvert has done his share of design and logo work. I'd suggest you get in touch with him and get a more professional logo:

Abstract vagina indeed. Eeeep!

None of them are as nice as your original! I don't like any of them. I'm sorry.
P.S. I like the avatar you use from the original art. No pole, but you don't HAVE to have a pole in your sign.
Of these choices, I think the last one works, but the lens flare seems like overkill. The art work in your user icon is lovely and would do what you wanted without giving it a strip club vibe. I also liked the suggestion of having text only on your sign. You can suggest a lot of movement and mood with the right font.

Plus, that Papyrus font you have here is being done to death and I'm not sure it's that appropriate for what you're trying to convey.
I third the idea of a text only sign. If you use the font you use on the rest of your advertising it will be immediately recognisable
You used to have an incon with a dancer pulling away from the pole. I always liked that design.

The first design here kinda confused me. I had no idea what the lotus was, until you explained it, and couldn't figure out what it was supposed to be.

It also reminded me of a "breast cancer awareness" logo for some reason.

The third and fourth designs are a little better, but I really prefered that old icon you used.
There is no way to see inside the extra thick suede and lined with sun blocking fabric type curtains. And if I don't have a pole dancer on the front, what will draw the eye of the traffic driving by? There are a ton of text only signs up and down this street. My business will just blend in if I don't have a picture.
I went back and found your old logo.

I think something that would look *Very* neat would be the dancer in the pose from you old logo (in profile with one leg bent) done in the style of the first logo on this page.

I do think that loose line style, where all the lines don't even connect, has a very nice look. Very bold and graphic. I like how it suggests the image without being a realistic depiction.

I just don't care as much for the pose of the figure. I also think the lotus flower really doesn't work with the image at all (sorry).

Can you get a mock up of the dancer in the pose from your old logo done in the style of logo #1 from this page?

And, for any design, I hate to say it, but you should leave out the lotus. I know it's important to you, but it doesn't really "work" with any of the images and clutters up the logo. It's also not something that people are going to recognize and understand the significance of, so it doesn't really work for that purpose either.
I took your pole poll telling you what I thought. I don't really LOVE any of these. Can you use the figure in front a lotus watermark instead? I have no photo skillz, but there are some peeps who may know how to show you what I mean. I think the lotus could be behind her so she is the focus. The one of the lotus on her body looks like a weird rash and the bottom image doesn't look feminine or flowy but looks sharp and strippery because of the red and the star.

Love you!

I like how this has movement in her garment and the lotus is in her hand but she is still the focus: http://www.clearharmony.net/a_images/2008/01/2008-01-23-white_dove.jpg

This lotus is a bit more recognizable as a lotus flower: http://img.dawanda.com/Product/348/348994/listview/1214728250-612.jpg

That said, i could tell it was a lotus in the first design without explanation, but others seem to have been confused so if you really want to incorporate it, I would tweak the flower a bit.

Erin (again)

Bad clip art

so......they all look sort of unprofessional. I wouldn't look at those and have confidence that my money would be well spent. You've spent so much time and money on making your studio 'professional' (and since you cant see into it from the street) make the signage professional.

I like the idea of the lotus (as long as you find some way to make it look like a non-vagina lotus) because I think health and beauty when I see a lotus. Also, If the lotus is obvious....I think you can make the girl sexier and not have to worry about people thinking SEX.