Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

visited a pole school down south

So today I drove all the way down to Kent to meet the dancer that just opened a pole dance school down there. Her program is strictly different than mine. She teaches pole as fitness only. No sensuality, no sexy floorwork, no lap dancing, no stripper shoes...none of that. She let me drop in on her afternoon class that had 2 girls attending. She worked us out like a gym type class with strenuous (and completely NOT sexy) moves. Then she made them do the same spins over and over again. Without the sexy floorwork and transitions to break up the spins, I got dizzy quickly. This style of teaching works for her, but it definitely isn't for me. My girls love the sensual side and I couldn't give it up for anything.

Her school is amazing though. It's a very big studio with 12 poles (too close together for floorwork though). It's decorated and painted and remodeled and mirrors everywhere and all gorgeous. She invested $60,000 to get it that way. Holllllly cow.

So the gal that owns this school has been an exotic dancer for 15 years and she has agreed to attend my strip club tour this Friday. I'm excited because it will be great for the girls to get to talk to a real dancer at the restaurant before we go into the strip club.

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