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Pride & Prejudice

Cage Kitten porn

After seeing the trailor for "Twilight" in darkmane's LJ, I picked up the novel at the grocery store. It is by far the hottest thing I have ever read. Hot...hot...HOT. In spite of the fact that these two have not even had so much as a real kiss, reading this book makes my heart race, makes my knees weak, makes me swoon. They are totally and completely in love and the unconsummated sexual tension between these two is so thick that you can practically feel it strangling you when you read it. And the fact that he's a hot, sexy, beautiful, gentle but dangerous vampire, really pushes it over the edge. This is Cage Kitten porn, at it's best. I wish I didn't have to work, or eat, or sleep...because all I want to do is read this book non-stop.

If you've read it, please don't post any spoilers here. I'm only as far as the forest scene, where she touches his face for the first time. *swoon* *faint*


You are SUCH a girl.

But I like that about you.
I might be willing to read the book but the movie looks dreadful. At least I may count on the old saying that books are always better than their movie counterparts.


Yeah I have all the books they hard to put down I bought Twlight for a gift for 19 year old co-worker but ended up reading myself it great I talked about the book months ago

Re: Good

I thought that to the movie looked bad because getting caught in the book so deeply partly because ...I picture them different

Cagekitten this what I wrote in May

The Host is out already I thought it wasn't until Aug.

and I also fount they are making Twilight into a movie so the preview last night looks good

ok what the hell and am I talking about

it this book series by Stephine Meyer I've been reading I found last year by mistake in the young readers part of Barnes and Noble I was looking for gift for a friend who is 19 the back of Twilight caught my eye About three things I was absolutely positive
Frist, Edward was a vampire. Second there was a part of him and I didn't know how dominant that part might be that thirsted for my blood And Third, I was unconditionally and irrevocably in love with him

this book is a pager turner and the way she write is gripping man in the 2nd book it will make you think differently about how werewolves change not by the moon but anger pure rage I couldn't put it down already on the 3rd book and now the new is out Edward and Bella and lol it takes place in Forks Wa they mention Seattle a lot