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back - photo by Rayce

Noc Noc tonight

I was too tired to go to Noc Noc last night. Which is fine, because I got to update my employee training material. But I'm going tonight for sure!

This afternoon my exotic dance instructor teaches the regular lap dance workshop and then I come in after to teach the intermediate lap dance workshop. The intermediate is where they learn some of the dirtier stripper style moves. It's fun to watch their combined reaction of shock and excitement when they see and learn the moves. Most of these girls have never even been to a strip club.

And speaking of that, my next ladies only strip club tour is Friday. I've got about $100 in one dollar bills set aside for stage tipping. It's just too bad they can't give receipts for lap dances. Because as a lap dance instructor, that would TOTALLY be a tax deductible expense for me.


Often clubs have "club" money. Where you can buy script in the denominations of the lap dances. I've usually seen them when they bill a credit card. You could get a receipt from those, however, you should check out the "catches" first. The ones I've seen usually have a surcharge for the buyer, that the club keeps, and a surcharge on the exchange rate for the girls, that again the club keeps. So you buy $20 club bill for $22, and the girl gets $18 when she hands it in.
Yep. The girls don't get paid as much for the club coins.
YAY see you there!!!
What time will you be arriving?
Probably right around 9... we like to get there early.
Sunday night. Hum, should I see if Ben would like to go?
Sure. Also there is a clothing exchange on Sunday the 16th. You and I should get together for a private clothing swap before then. That way we can get each other's clothes before they go to the big swap.
I've not been feeling social lately, & I need to sort through the clothes in the closet, so no going out for me.

Sure we should meet up. Next sunday beforehand?
Sounds perfect. The swap starts at 2:00 so I want to leave here by 1:30. What time do you want to come over? Or should I come to you?
I live part time at the house where swap is, but I'm betting I'll be coming down from Ben's so coming to your place should work.

uhm 1ish?
You can buy Vu Bucks with a card and get a receipt. There's a 10% fee for YOU, but a $20 Vu Buck is still $20 dollars to the dancers. (They haven't started charging both dancers and customers yet in Washington.....YET.)
That's good that they don't charge the dancers at the Vu. I used to sell costumes to girls at the other clubs and I think they all got charged.