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socks and cat

chair dancing

I liked this dance routine. I should preface this by saying I don't teach this style of dance. I don't teach dancing to the beat, or dancing in unison, or performing a pre-choreographed routine. I prefer to teach women to move naturally and organically, where the moves are determined by their own bodies and sensual creative expression rather than a beat or pre-determined routine. But that doesn't mean I don't enjoy the other kind of dancing (below). And I enjoyed this routine:


Personally, as a fan of chair dancing and choreography, I thought it was terrible. They need some more practice! It wasn't in sync.
I liked that fact that that they weren't always doing the same thing. I get bored after a while if it's always in sync.
I watched it again and I see what you mean. Assuming this is a class of amateurs, I think it's fine. But if this was a professional group like the Pussy Cat Dolls, I would agree that it needs to be in sync.