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PftS - kitty

Students under 18

I don't know how I managed to do this, but I somehow neglected to put on my website that you have to be 18 to take my classes. Most girls under 18 just ask and I tell them I can't take them until they turn 18. Otherwise, their signatures on my waiver are not valid, because you can't legally hold some one to a contract that they signed as a minor. I just found out one of my students that is supposed to start tomorrow, is 2 months shy of turning 18. I'll have to give her a refund or risk having a student without a legally binding waiver.

She is, however, emancipated. So I just e-mailed her back and asked her if she had paperwork documenting her emancipation and if she can provide a copy.


That's the best wy to do it...if she's an emancipatd minor, she's effective 18, as I believe she can sign her own contracts, etc. WA law may be slightly different than OR law.

How busy have you been over the summer, BTW?