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PftS - kitty


My Saturday level 1 pole class FINALLY sold out. I don't know what took it so long. The Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evening level 1 classes all sold out and have a waiting list. But no one registered for the Saturday afternoon class. Slowly but surely, a few spots sold here and there. And now that class starts in 3 days, the last 2 spots finally sold.

I don't get it. Everyone has been asking for a weekend class. And then when I schedule one, it takes forever to fill and it only fills after all the evening classes sell out. It's not like it's nice outside on the weekends and they're missing anything. And it's not like a 2pm class makes you get up early. I wonder why it took so darn long to sell out the Saturday class.


When people request a weekend class, do you ask them what time on a weekend would work for them?

My guess is that people don't really think it through when they ask for a weekend class, because ultimately it takes a commitment to be in town and available at that time every weekend for the class.
I've also found that what classes students *say* they want, and what they actually sign up for are two different things.

I run my classes exclusively on weekends, usually Saturday, sometimes Sunday.

I've had many people ask me for a weekday class or a series of classes on weekday evenings over the last few years.

EVERY SINGLE TIME I try to schedule a weekday class, NO ONE SIGNS UP. This is when I even have called the people who specifically asked for weekday classes. They still don't sign up. I think I had maybe one or two people actually give me a deposit for a weekday class. (I couldn't then hold the class as I'd lose money on a class for only one or two people).

Now I take what they ask with a grain of salt...
I stopped taking my Sunday bellydance classes because 3pm on Sunday is right in the middle of the day. I can run around like crazy in the morning, but, it doesn't leave me alot of time in the afternoon to do anything after class. Plus, if we try to do something as a family, I have to bail by 2 to get home, change and get to class. It just turned into too much of a PIA for me.

You should ask your girls what time on the weekends would be good for them. I didn't mind the 5pm class on Sunday because it didn't interfere with the rest of my day.
I can't ask the girls what time is good for them because I don't have any control over what time the class is scheduled. My instructors are available when they are available. They have families, school, other jobs, etc. So I take them when I can get them.

But the class is only for 6 weeks. If I really want to take a class, I can make my schedule flexible for just 6 little days out of the 365 day year.

Edited at 2008-11-06 06:31 pm (UTC)
Your math is a bit off... since most people work (lets assume mon-fri), there's only 52 saturdays in the year, not 365 days where a person has the whole day free. So a 6 week saturday class is a commitment that is more like 11.5% of their entire allotment of saturdays for the year.

True. But I don't think it's fair to say I I'm taking up 11.5% of their allotment. The class is only one hour and 45 minutes. Even if they commute 30 minutes or so each way, they still have all morning and all evening and all night to do whatever they want.