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lesbian wedding


Every one I know here in Seattle voted over a week ago. I'm very last minute and didn't vote until yesterday (to make sure it was post marked by today).

Other than the presidential election, I'm really only watching for the gay marriage initiative in San Francisco. It's so important to me that the current law is upheld. It would be devastating to see so many marriages suddenly be voided if it passed. Can you imagine meeting, falling in love and marrying the person of your dreams, only to have that marriage voided by the state? That shouldn't even be a possibility.


For the record (from what I've researched) they have not yet officially determined if it will actually void any current marrages due to the vagueness of the proposed law. That doesn't mean if it passes they won't then pass an amendment that will then void it, but right off it doesn't immediately mean they'll be caput. That'll be up to a Supreme Court.

That said, I still hope it fails. ^_^
Your icon is evil!
It's my Lex Luthor look. :D
I'll void my own marriages, thankyouverymuch!
Prop 8 isn't just San Francisco - even though they started all the hoohaw - it's the entire nation state of California. One thing I haven't seen mentioned often is that a lot of those same-sex marriages involve children (as offspring, not child marriages). Nothing is more family UNfriendly than breaking up happy, intact home. I voted No today and I'm hoping that I'm in the majority, but I think it's going to be tight.
I absolutely love you. Because it's so simple for you in what would almost appear to be an innocent way, if I didn't know that you're a well informed intelligent woman.

Thanks :-)
Wow, thank you. :)
My cousin married her partner in SF in 2003, and that marriage was voided. They did it again a couple of months ago.
To void it a second time would be cruel.