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socks and cat

worst payroll company EVER

I got my first Labor and Indistries bill from the state, for the last two quarters. When I got a bill for about $600, I just figured that must be normal. I mean I've never had employees before this, so how would I know otherise. But it turns out the reason I owe so much money, is because my payroll service reported to the state that each of my employees worked 780 hours per quarter. Since most of my employees work for me 2 to 4 hours a week (teaching 1 or 2 classes per week), there's no way that adds up to 780 hours per quarter.

Way to go SurePayroll.com. Way to make me pay hundreds of dollars I don't owe.

My bookkeeper is trying to straighten this all out with the state now. I won't have to pay it once she does, but I'll still have to pay her for straightening it out.


They said it was my fault because the only reason they put in default hours is because I didn't enter the hours myself. I didn't know we had to enter their weekly hours in the set up process. But they think I should have known how to do that.
Unfortunately I'm all set up over there. They have all my employees personal info (social security, bank account numbers, etc.) and my bank accounts are linked to them and auto deposit is set for my employees through them, etc. It would take hours to re-set all of that through another payroll company. Hours I don't have.
Funny thing is that the average salaried person gets paid for 40 hours per week, 52 weeks per year, which results in the magical number of 2,080 per year (520 hours per quarter).

So even if they are arguing that you didn't enter their actual hours, they "defaulted" your employees as working more than a 40 hour work week for you (780 hours per quarter = 3,120 per year!). Wow! That takes nerve!

By the way, I use Quickbooks for my own payroll. Not saying you should since you have a potentially more complicated system, but I plug in my salary (or hourly wage) and it tells me how much to pay myself, how much tax I owe, reminds me when to send it in, etc.
I bought Quickbooks over a year ago and never opened the box. Don't know how to use it.