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My bed is a ringside seat to a winter wonderland

Snow makes me all schmoopy. This is the first time we've had snow since I moved into my new bedroom. Now I went from having to go into the living room and stand out on the balcony to see snow to being able to just turn out all the lights in my bedroom, sit in bed, and watch the street lights illuminate the crisp white layer 3 stories below me.

I was on the phone with Matt for some 2 and 1/2 hours and so had no clue what the weather was. After our conversation I logged on to read my friend's journals only to see excitement over snow. I figured they were on crack or something until I opened my blinds.

As for the schmoopy part, I had an immediate change of heart with my intended date for this weekend. Upon seeing snow I went from "lets not get all excited about this weekend but just keep it light" to...oh please come over and crawl in bed with me so we can cuddle up and watch the snow from my window. Of course the fact that he lives in Portland means he has about 5 times as much snow as we do and he is unable to oblige me at the moment. I'll just have to have this romantic gushy snow mood all by myself tonight. Or some one seriously needs to come over and snuggle me...fiercely.

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