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YinYang Cats

gratitute for the little things

I can't believe I actually went to Noc Noc last night because I've been having bad pain for a couple days from what appears to be a pinched nerve in my back. My chiropractor is not open on weekends so I figured I would just have to live with it until he can fix me on Monday. Surprisingly, after dancing last night, the pinch is almost gone. Almost no pain. I guess I shifted my vertabrae enough on the dance floor to take the pressure off.

One of the things that struck me last night was a conversation that happened in line at the bar. I was behind a man in line when a girl casually cut in front of me. Being a gentleman, the man asked the girl if she planned to buy me a drink. He told her that you shouldn't cut in front of some one in line unless you plan to buy them a drink. I had never heard that before but I thought it sounded fair. She replied to both of us, holding up her debit card, that she only had enough money in her account to buy one drink. I felt kind of bad for her after that. I guess the guy in front of me did too, so he offered to buy her drink. But when she told him what she wanted, he said he couldn't afford that. He had to withdraw his offer.

This experience made me realize how lucky I am. I think I have so many friends with good jobs and savings and such that I forget that we're not the norm. I forget to appreciate how lucky I am that I can walk into a club and buy drinks. I take these things for granted and I appreciated the reminder of that last night - so I won't take it for granted anymore.


I hope your pinched nerve gets better!
So far, so good. Dancing seems to be the cure.
or maybe he realized:

a. She had no remorse for cutting in front of you when she could simply have relinquished her spot


b. Realized she was "gold digging" if she tried to order some exotic drink beyond the minimum, and decided he didn't want to reward her for bad behavior.

I agree - appreciate your financial affairs if they're in order, but also I wonder if he just didnt want to reward someone who doesn't have the class to order the "cheapest" drink if someone is offering to buy for cutting in line.
Well I didn't tell the whole story. She did take her place behind me in line after the gentleman in front of me suggested she was cutting.

Also I saw the gentleman talk to the bartender and I guess he negotiated a lower price or something. Because he changed his mind and purchased her expensive drink. But by the time he had the drink, she had disappeared outside. I told him where she went so he could go find her and give her the drink.

Edited at 2008-10-26 10:09 pm (UTC)
I am vey apreciative how little this recession has affected me to date. I buy drinks/dinner for those around me where I can without offense, and I'm always grateful that things have worked out to afford me this luxury.

You have more than cash though Ms - you have courage and class. Those are harder to loose, and far more valuable :) Hope I can get to NocNoc tonight.
That is so much appreciated! Thank you!
I know what you mean. I often feel broke and wanting things that I can't afford. Today I had and experience that made me realize how good I actually have things. I was sitting in the school cafeteria eating my lunch while perusing the Study Abroad brochures. I was trying to decide if I want to go to Costa Rica in the Winter, Florence in the Spring, or Ireland in the Summer. I looked up and I saw a family with their little girl sharing one burger and fries. They looked very unhappy. I became very grateful that I had my own lunch and started to feel a little guilty at the idea of traveling out of the country for the third time in two years.