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P for the S news

I am pleased to announce that the mailing list for my business has reached over 2000 members!

I have also been thinking about counting the number of students I have had. Every student signs a waiver, and I have filed and kept every waiver. If you count the one time students that attended workshops and parties, I'm guessing the number of students is somewhere around 1,000 or more. I could could count them all to get the exact number and then put something on my website home page like: Over 1,000 students and growing! Would that be good for marketing or do people not care how many students you've had?


Yep, 1,000 students is a milestone and is worth mentioning.

This would be an *excellent* time to send out some press releases to the local newspaper and radio and TV stations. You can publically celebrate your announcement and possibly get some free promotion. That would work best if you offered some sort of special to go along with the annoucement.

(And, even if you aren't sure if you exactly hit 1,000 or not, or might have passed it awhile ago, it doesn't matter. You know you've had that many, so you aren't lying, and no one is going to ask to see your waivers to count them themselves. Just announce it and it will be accepted.)
I'd say it in a more directed way, like "over 1000 souls" ... poled? helped? Nah, that's too religious. But you see what I'm getting at.


I don't know if my opinion is of much help here. I certainly like to know that my teacher has experience, but I don't want to feel like I am doing something EVERYONE else is doing.

Also, for a new student, make it clear that your classes are SMALL. Saying you have 1,000 students would make me worry about large class size if it isn't clear. I do not like large class sizes.