Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

celebrity rehab

The new season of Celebrity Rehab starts Thursday at 10:00pm. I watched the last season because I was curious about what goes on inside rehab. There is no special treatment or pampering for these celebs on this show. It's a bare bones facility but with professional and experienced rehab professionals.

What I witnessed was heart breaking and moving and inspiring. Not everyone made it, but most of them did. And to get there they had to examine every part of themselves that brought them to such a destructive place. And you can't watch people disect their own lives without looking at your own for similarities. So it's an experience of self exploration as well as inspiring to watch people start to take on, and in some cases, overcome their demons.

The surprising "celebrity" this season is Rodney King. I don't know if he was a drug addict before his infamous history changing public beating or if the trauma of it contributed to him becoming one after. But he is among the celebrities that will be fighting for his life. I will be riveted every Thursday night, without fail.

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