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kitten on a cage


Lip Service now offers a downloadable PDF version of their catalog from their website. After a quick look at their new items, I added these two to my wish list:

I won't normally buy corsets because you can't dance in them. But that lace one is so beautiful that it's hard to resist.


Why can't you dance in corsets...? It shifts your body movement range, but often that leads to an even more graceful style on the dance floor.
I tend toward a more belly dance style of dancing. Movement in my body starts in my belly and hips and moves out through my legs and arms from there. That's just how I naturally dance. So any restriction of my mid-section makes me feel like I'm trying to dance in a body cast.
I use my hips and back more than anything when I dance and actually find that a real corset provides balance and adds strength to my midsection....
Oh my god...they still exist? I remember wandering around Melrose many, many years ago and getting stickers from them. Ah, the good old gothy days...
That first dress is pretty awesome.