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I got the most wonderful e-mail today from a gal that just finished the level 2 class last night:

"After I left class I realized for that hour I think about nothing else other than dancing and that is a wonderful place for my mind to be able to go. Thank you so much. I have had so much fun and never thought that I would love it as much as I do."

It's one of the benefits that women often tell me about. We all have busy lives with jobs, careers, boyfriends or spouses, bills, children, cleaning, chores, commitments, and daily demands. But when you come to my classes, you let all that go and for an hour and a half it's all about YOU. And not just all about you, but all about how beautiful you are, how fabulous you are, and celebrating being a woman and being radiant and sensual. Girls tell me they look forward to it all week long and have withdrawals if they don't go.

I feel so blessed to be providing this.


lol...her real name is one of my fake names ;) *snicker*
I remember my first evaluation *Year 4" whan the comment "I would gladly hear Jim reading the phonebook for credits". I'm not suposed to read comments, except one of my peers thougt importantl.

I love you get feedback like that with the Sword of Damoclese over my head.

In short: you rAWK; I suck. Still gonna meet you wearing one of the three kilts.