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eyes closed

Seattle Peeps - Halloween

Here is the event I'll be go-go dancing at for Halloween. They asked me to pole dance but it's WAY too hard for me to lug my pole to my car and get it set up and lug it back to the car and get it back up the stairs into my townhome. So I think I'll just stick to go-go dancing this year. It's a Halloweeen costume fetish ball at the location formerly known as the CatWalk.


I wish I knew who the DJs are. I'd like to know what to expect for music if I were to go.
Seraphim's pretty good... he's married to sxs6sxs and has been DJing at the Mercury for Prototype on the first Thursday of every month. Plays a lot of current EBM and Industrial.

As for End: The DJ? Never heard of him.
I don't dig EBM and Industrial. :( Hopefully since Cagekitten is dancing he will play her requests. We like a lot of the same music.
Oh my god, I hate EBM. I'm writing to the organizer of the event.
Oh good. Let me know what you hear.
He deferred me to Richard (bdsm_teddy on MySpace) who said:

The DJs I booked are likely not what you are thinking music wise. One was a DJ for LA electronic and fetish clubs for years before moving up here. The other is a kick ass DJ who tours all over the world. These are not at all like our local DJs. If you like, go take a look at the headliners myspace page. He has a few sets posted so you can hear what he plays. Very dancable and well mixed. You can find him as "End the DJ".
Definitely no swirly music on his page. I listened. This is what he says on his page: I think I'll be going to Mercury. At least you get paid!

"F**kin' you up on stompy rhythms, sundown to sunrise. Better make room!"
If the music is the suck, I'll ask them if I can leave without pay. But I've already committed to doing it so I have to try.
I wish I knew who the girl in the poster was...she's cute.