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Last Friday night was my first ever homecoming dance! It was a costume themed event for adults and families (pretty much everyone) where you could dress as any high school type character you wanted; a nerd, a jock, a cheerleader, homecoming queen, etc. Just a couple weeks prior I had fallen in love with a homecoming dress at JC Penney. It's kind of gothy, all blood red with an overlayer of sheer black fabric with lace. The lace and tulle overlayer had just a hint of sparkle here and there. It was so perfect for me that I purchased it even though I had absolutely nowhere to wear a homecoming dress. Until, of course, I found out that last Friday was homecoming. ratchick went with me and we had a great time dancing the night away to some great songs from our high school days.

Me and ratchick posing as the homecoming queen and the school jock.

Dancing the night away!

I was not the only homecoming queen. Here I am posing with one of the cutest homecoming queens there. Apparently this pose also shows off the pole dancing muscles on the back of my arm, so I was the most buffed homecoming queen there. :)

And just one shot to show off the back of my dress:

We had so much fun that I asked the group that hosted this event to please throw a prom dance in the Spring.

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