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socks and cat


For two years now I have always wanted to order a skirt from a store called Shrine that is made out of this fabric:

But I never did because it's an expensive skirt and I just can't justify spending that much on a skirt when I have no top to match. Well finally, after two years, a fabric store is carrying this fabric for Halloween. Since I'm a tiny girl, I just got a yard and a half. I don't sew, but definitely want to have a little cropped top made out of this plus some matching arm warmers. Then I can order the skirt and have a sexy new clubbing outfit!


I saw this fabric at Display&Costume. Then about an hour later, I saw a shirt made from it at a shop on Broadway.

Neat stuff!
I have some of this in a few colors, it's cool fabric. Display & Costume Supply usually has it all year around. :)
Is this fabric stretchy (at least a little)? If so it could easily be made into a crop top and arm warmers. I have lots of experience with this type of thing. If no strtetch it may be a little more difficult. A yard and a half could even get someone like you a dress depending on the style :)

It has a little bit of stretch to it. Arm warmers are definitely my first priority!