Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

Last Night

Last night had all the ingredients for a perfect night out. And since this is my fist Saturday off in months (no pole parties yesterday, day or night), I was *so* looking forward to going out to Noc Noc and had been for weeks.

I went with friends and even got to dress one of them up in my clothes (yay for having my own sexy living gothy Barbie doll to dress up!). Plus I ran into tons of friends there, even one that was kind enough to come out at the risk of having to go to work the next day with only a few hours sleep. I had one drink and managed to have a nice buzz for hours without ever getting too tipsy. And for some strange reason, the Saturday night DJ who always plays music all night that sucks, played great music almost all night! I couldn't believe it. I even had to check the DJ booth to make sure it was really the regular DJ (it was). So I got to dance...and dance...and dance...and...oh my god I'm sore now!

I also managed to pull things together in my closet to create and sexy new outfit that I've never worn before. And to top off the fun of wearing a new outfit, I had on brand new hair falls that I just loved. All night long people in the club pulled me aside to tell me how much they liked my outfit and how good I looked in it. And that always feels good when people appreciate the creativity and time I put into an outfit. On top of all that, I ran into a friend that offered me a paid go-go dancing gig at a huge Halloween event (there will be aeirialists and everything). I don't go-go dance much anymore these days but I do still love it so now I have plans for Halloween night! To top it all off, I actually left the club with more money in my wallet than when I walked in. It was such a great night that I'm already checking my calendar to see when I can go again. So far no one has booked me for the 25th, so maybe that will be my next night at Noc Noc.

Here are the hair falls I wore. They are dark brown and squiggly (like your hair was braided wet and you took the braids out when it dried) with sparkly pink woven through all of it and silver beads too.


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